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Wow, can't wait to see stuff take advantage of this.  Gotta watch it on youtube in 1080 to really appreciate it.

A little game called Far Cry 3 for the PC.  I've barely touched anything else since this game came out.  Usually, I'm one to hop straight into the multiplayer but gave the single player a quick trial run this time around before doing so.  All I can say is that this game is Freaking amazing, I had to beat the whole damn thing before I even touched the multiplayer with SIN.

Metacritic shows a score of 88 out of 100 for the PC version.  Averaged between 43 different major critics.  The single player is worth playing twice for the alternate ending, having the choice of stealth or guns blazing is great, I basically beat the whole game in stealth mode using my bow and arrows.  The wing suit is a blast, you'll want to climb the tallest mountains over and over just to jump off and use the suit again and again.  The graphics in the game are just down right Sick!

Multiplayer is a blast, funner with friends but still awesome even by ones self.  There's nothing more satisfying than sneaking up behind someone and knifing them unexpectedly.  Coop is fun as well, there are several missions set aside from the single player story line that you and up to 3 friends can play through.   If anyone has it or plans on getting it jump in our vent server we're usually on daily.
Just a heads up, Fall of Cybertron multiplayer has been set to double XP indefinitely.
Me and G1 Smokescreen having a friendly online game of UC2 by way of Xbslink, performs pretty well considering we're so far away from each other.  We used Ventrillo for chat.
(Watch on youtube for HD)

My first montage ever, be gentle :)  [watch in youtube for 1080]

zepidus a Haha thanks man, thought that would be funny. Miss the good old days kicking ass with ya on those games. What you been...
STRaiGHTKiLLa78 Great stuff man lol at the stats at 00:48
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